Mersiha Prusevic Dulic (Novi Pazar, 1987) graduated from the Department of Arts in Novi Pazar in 2009. She completed her Master studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, while she obtained her PhD at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts in Belgrade in 2017.
She was the holder of the Ministry of Youth and Sport scholarship in 2009, as well as the recipient of BNV scholarship in 2013 and 2014. She worked as an expert associate at Teacher Education Faculty in Belgrade (a class in Novi Pazar), as well as an expert associate at the University of Novi Pazar (Technical Studies Department, Architecture Program). Mersiha also worked at Cultural Institute in Novi Pazar. Since 2013 she has been employed at the School of Computing in Belgrade as a teaching assistant in drawing and painting.
She held 12 solo and participated in more than 100 group exhibitions. Furthermore, she took part in numerous festivals and art colonies in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Italy, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Australia, Canada, Turkey and Austria. She is a member of ULUS, SULU and NULUS.

Exhibitions (chosen)

⋅ Doctoral Art Project, the MMC Gallery, Novi Pazar, 2018
⋅ Biennial of Drawing- ALU, Belgrade, 2017
⋅ The exhibition of the best PhD candidates ALU, Cvijeta Zuzoric Pavilion, Belgrade, 2017
⋅ November Art Salon, The National Museum, Kraljevo, 2017
⋅ The Exhibition of the best PhD candidates ALU, Barutana, Belgrade, 2016
⋅ FILTER Festival-ART K, Novi Pazar, 2016
⋅ A Creative Factory, “Petak” Gallery, Belgrade, 2016
⋅ The exhibition of the best PhD candidates ALU. Gallery Progres, Belgrade, 2015
⋅ Nis Art Foundation, The Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nis, 2015 and Heritage House (Kuca Legata), Belgrade, 2015
⋅ Traces II- The Gallery of Contemporary Art, Nis, 2014
⋅ Youth Art Salon, Cultural Center Ribnica, Kraljevo, 2014
⋅ Š.U.N.D.Festival (Š.U.N.D. and Executive Group), E Gallery, Belgrade, 2014
⋅ The Exhibition of Young Artists, Kiev, 2014
⋅ Effects, Small Format Salon, Novi Sad, 2012
⋅ A landscape as a starting point for an abstract image, Multimedia Center of the Academy of Arts, Novi Sad, 2011; Multimedia Center, Novi Pazar, 2013; The European Museum, Prijepolje, 2015
⋅ Small Format Exhibition, The Banski Dvor Cultural Center, Banja Luka, 2010
⋅ Traces, Cultural CenterParobrod, Belgrade, 2009
⋅ Biennial of Students’ Drawings, FLU, Belgrade, 2008
⋅ Spring Art Salon, The MMC Gallery, Novi Pazar; The City Gallery, Raska, 2007; The Cultural Center Prijepolje, 2007; The Cultural Center Bijelo Polje, 2007, and Priboj, 2007

Currently engaged in the following subjects:

Drawing and Painting