All applicants who have completed four year studies at high schools can apply for the enrolment at Computer Design, the School of Computing (RAF).
At the entrance exam, the candidates draw and paint, then do a photo editing software knowledge test, as well as an art knowledge test. The art knowledge test isn’t composed of any points (it’s not eliminatory, but informative). The exam lasts for two days. The assessment of competencies and comparison of candidates is determined by the results at the entrance exam and the success at high school.

The drawing test takes three hours to complete and it is taken on the first day. The task is the realistic interpretation of the spatial relations among the exposed items. It is done on the A0 paper size (841x1189mm) using B graphite pencils.
The painting test lasts four hours and it is taken on the second day. The task is the realistic interpretation of the colour values of the exposed items. It is done on the A0 paper size (841x1189mm) using tempera. The candidates can use primary colours, then black and white. Drawing supplies are provided by the School of Computing.

The candidates also take the Adobe Photoshop software knowledge test in the domain of photo editing. They are marked for the quality of managing  image format and resolution, the quality of using software tools, the quality of using photo retouching tools, the quality of manipulating image nuances and layers. The test lasts three hours (on the first day, after the drawing part).

The candidates also take the written test of art knowledge (painting, sculpture, graphics, architecture, comics, design, literature, music and film). The test lasts one hour (on the second day, after the painting part).


The preparatory classes for enrolment at the Computer Design are held every year during March, April and May. The classes are conducted on Saturdays from 10 to 2 p.m. and they include the drawing and painting classes, as well as the lectures about design and design tools. Candidates learn about design and Adobe Photoshop software.

The candidates who prepare on their own can use the following literature:

  • Bagnal, Brajan (2014), Crtanje i slikanje, Beograd: Mono i Manjana.
  • Grupa autora (2012), Adobe Photoshop CS6: Učionica u knjizi, Beograd: CET.