Undergraduate Studies

Digital Art is a program of study in the field of audiovisual arts. This interdisciplinary program integrates knowledge in the domains of painting, graphic design, typography, photography, animation, interactive computer media, sound design, interior design, theory of art and computer science.

The term “digital art” denotes design for graphic production, as well as the design of creating multimedia which is based on sound, digital photography, typography, illustration and animation. Thus, the students gain interdisciplinary skills in dealing with design and multimedia, and they also develop skills in critical thinking about the modern design phenomena. Special emphasis is placed on studying the standards of sound recording and editing. This study program stimulates a potentially simultaneous experience of diverse and cumulative contents.

Students are taught how to use various programs for vector and raster graphics, for multimedia design, for 3D and 2D animations, as well as for montage and video editing. They learn about the basics of architectural and interior design. They learn about the standards of typography. They are taught the standards of recording, sound editing and mixing. Moreover, they are exposed to the history of film and the standards of script writing. The students are especially trained to discuss the contexts of design use.

Undergraduate studies last four years, i.e. eight semesters. Upon completing the studies, the students are awarded an academic title of Graduate Digital Artist (240 ECTS credits). Teaching is conducted through lectures and practical classes by presenting, explaining and comparing relevant examples, through practical work using programs for image and sound production, as well as through the critiques and corrections of students’ ideas and plans. Students have a multimedia studio (with the modern and legal software infrastructure), a recording studio, painting studio and a library at their disposal.

Master Studies

Master studies last one year, i.e. two semesters. Upon completing the studies, students get a Master’s in Digital Art (60 ECTS credits). The students of master studies learn about specialised fields of animation, graphic and multimedia design. They write a final thesis on the chosen topic. In this way, they qualitatively complement the set of ways of using computer graphics and software (re)produced sound.