Student exhibition 'Graphic Solution for Floor Lighting'
The student exhibition ‘Graphic Solution for Floor Lighting’, arranged by the students of the Computer design program, opened on Wednesday 30th of May on the Flower Square in Belgrade. The exhibition represents a student project, a conceptual graphic solution on the lighting fixtures found on the tiled surface of the square next to the cafés. Filter foils were applied to the floor lighting fixtures in order to create a form of a play on shadows, as well as reducing the light lumen. The Shadow play project, in agreement with the Public Communal Company ‘Public Lighting’ will be exposed in the period 30.5.2018. – 15.6.2018.
Students’ visit to Avala Film
As a form of additional classes and for expanding their knowledge, students from the Computer design program had the opportunity to visit Avala Film, one of the biggest native film companies, on the 9th of May. On that occasion they were introduced to the rich history of Avala Film and the creation process of some of the most significant cinematic pieces in the region. The students visited a part of the wardrobe area, a few closed and one open studio, and gained insight in the production process and scenography design. They were also introduced to conservation methods and archiving of the film materials within the Yugoslav Film Archive.
Students’ visit to Polyhedra FabLab
On Wednesday, 25th of April, students of the Computer design program, for the Space and Shape subject, had the opportunity to visit Polyhedra FabLab. During the visit they were introduced to the state of the art fabrication techniques and rapid prototype development using 3D printers. The students had the chance to witness the adaptation of the existing 3D printer models, including the very process of 3D printing. Within the session’s Q&A, they learned about the experiences from the aforementioned areas first hand, as well as exchanging ideas and experiences.
High School Visits
In recent weeks, the School of Computing has paid a visit to several high schools to present the new Computer Design program. The Graphic School and Textile Design School students, as well as the students from a few grammar schools in Belgrade, had the chance to meet and become acquainted with our educational approach. If you are interested in having the School of Computing visit your school, please feel free to contact us.