Ivan Elezovic (Belgrade, 1971) graduated from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg in 1997, Music Composition and Electro-Acoustic Music Department. He finished his Master studies at McGill University in Montreal in 2000, while he obtained his PhD in Music Composition and Electro-Acoustic Music at the University of Illinois in 2006. He studied with eminent world experts such as Michael Matthews, Randolph Peters, Zack Settel, Alcides Lanza, Guy Garnett, Erik Lund and Scott Wyatt. Upon receiving the prestigious Presser Award in 2001, Elezovic went to the IRCAM (Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music) where he worked with Brian Ferneyhough and Marc-André Dalbavie. A year later, he was accepted at the Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (International Music Institute) where he worked with Isabel Mundry, Tristan Murail, Robert HP Platz and Valerio Sannicandro.

The artistic approach of Dr. Elezovic, honed and refined in North America, shows not only a specific artistic approach, but also the pursuit of innovative conceptual goals and solutions. Instead of following a single style, he allows various ideas to influence the approach and method for each new work. He uses abstract ideas in the context of multimedia research, where a large number of projects come as a result of cooperation with artists from different fields and as a result of the interpretation and synthesis of different ideas. He manipulates various music parameters, so that the final outcomes of conceptual design become unlimited.
In the past 20 years, Dr. Elezovic’s works have been classified in the range from acoustic and electro-acoustic to multidisciplinary projects. His works were performed at major festivals and competitions in North and South America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Apart from numerous concerts and presentations, Elezovic also wrote works ordered by performers of symphony orchestras, soloists, and various music groups. He has been invited to numerous master-class programs and seminars at various universities in the United States and Canada.
Dr. Elezovic taught Music Technology, Composition and Theory of Music at the University of Illinois, Oberlin Conservatory, Mahidol University, Nova Souteastern University and Palm Beach University. He is currently an associate professor and coordinator of Acoustic and Electro-acoustic Composition and Music Theory at Jackson University. Since 2013 he has been employed at the School of Computing in Belgrade in the field of sound design.

Projects (chosen)

2017  Well-Known Routine for two-channel audio
2017  Po-La-Ko for Violin, Piano
2016  Fix for Marimba solo
2015  Mechanical Theme for Tenor, Piano, two Music Boxes
2015  Momentous for Clarinet, Bassoon, Piano
2014  Between Them for dancer and percussion
2014  Drawing Noise for DVD/Audio
2013  The Wind was there… for Tárogató (Clarinet) and two-channel audio
2012  Images of Isabella’s dream for dancers and two-channel audio
2010  May I ask you to…? for two-channel audio
2007  Dialogue for piano and two-channel audio
2006  Not Used to Using a Microphone for two-channel audio

Currently engaged in the following subjects:

Music Production 1
Music Production 2
Music Production 3
Film Music Production